Founded in summer 2000.

Founding members were Piret Räni, Kristel Sibul and Jane Suviste; later, Hello Upan, Eve Kiiler and Ivika Kivi have joined the circle.

The group unites female artists from different fields of cultural education. The whole of the artistic production is pieced together from inspired input by a scenographer, a musician, a dancer, a media artist and a photographer. Half of us have acquired/are acquiring their master's degrees at the multimedia faculty of Estonian Academy of Art.

„Share Joy” isn’t guided by ego-trips. Instead, the artists hope through enjoying their collective work to express what is important to them and perhaps to others as well — a pure, playful and free world, where young female artists establish their own wishes, rules and enjoyments.
Our goal is to unite the works of art created by soulmates. The enthusiasm and joy that creative process generates is much more important to us than the cult of the author. We do not base our works of art on leading trends, we use our gut feeling instead. Our works can mostly be classified as performance art, video art, installations, and photography. We consider serious meaningfulness just as important as the emotional charge that is captured in the creation.

One of our future plans is to bring together artists from many different branches of the Tree of Art as to create interesting cross-domain performance theatre projects that could give a common creative outlet to dancers, actors, performance artists, photographers, and video artists.

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